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The Entertainment Portfolio

Greetings and Salutations! 

  My name is Michael Stansbury, and I am in the business of making people laugh! I am a stand-up comic, currently working my way through the UT Arlington Film School with a focus on scriptwriting and video editing, with a minor in music composition. I am also a Jazz Trumpet player, and eventually I will have a link to my Soundcloud account.  

  When I am done, I will have a B.F.A. in Art, and will be moving to New York City, New York to pursue a M.F.A. in film. I currently hold a degree in Business Administration, which helps me deal with all of the sticky details that are necessary to successfully produce art!

  I am a Louisiana boy, with Texas tendencies, whose comedy perspective is derived from my 60's radical, hippie mom, her redneck relatives and a whole lot of DDT. 

  In this portfolio, you will find examples of the films I have written and directed, the stand-up comedy I have written and performed, as well as some of my old scripts. In addition, there are examples of my photography, art pieces and a blog post, that includes relevant news, film analyses, and articles of interest. 

  Have a great day!   

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